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The logic specified to connect these components and convert between possibly different interfaces provided by different vendors is called glue logic. Further information: Functional verification and Signoff electronic design automation Chips are verified for logical correctness before being sent to a semiconductor foundry.

Bugs found in the verification stage are reported to the designer. Traditionally, engineers have employed simulation acceleration, emulation or prototyping on reprogrammable hardware to verify and debug hardware and software for SoC designs prior to the finalization of the design, known as tape-out. Both technologies, however, operate slowly, on the order of MHz, which may be significantly slower — up to times slower — than the SoC's operating frequency.

This is used to debug hardware, firmware and software interactions across multiple FPGAs with capabilities similar to a logic analyzer. In parallel, the hardware elements are grouped and passed through a process of logic synthesis , during which performance constraints, such as operational frequency and expected signal delays, are applied.

This generates an output known as a netlist describing the design as a physical circuit and its interconnections.

These netlists are combined with the glue logic connecting the components to produce the schematic description of the SoC as a circuit which can be printed onto a chip. This process is known as place and route and precedes tape-out in the event that the SoCs are produced as application-specific integrated circuits ASIC.

Optimization goals[ edit ] Systems-on-chip must optimize power use , area on die , communication, positioning for locality between modular units and other factors. Optimization is necessarily a design goal of systems-on-chip. By cebong Creating a PDF From a Microsoft Word Document ; A pro journalist who covers technology and computer troubleshooting, and who uses word processing programs daily. Select the Print button.

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These elements are connected together in a hardware description language to create the full SoC design. Append to the output file if it already exists.

Now all of our shared PDFs are in one place, and we can hold virtual meetings right on a document, or leave comments for each other to read later.

Some are new. Optimization is necessarily a design goal of systems-on-chip.

Once the architecture of the SoC has been defined, any new hardware elements are written in an abstract hardware description language termed register transfer level RTL which defines the circuit behavior, or synthesized into RTL from a high level language through high-level synthesis.

Additionally, most SoC designs contain multiple variables to optimize simultaneously , so Pareto efficient solutions are sought after in SoC design.

Optimization goals[ edit ] Systems-on-chip must optimize power use , area on die , communication, positioning for locality between modular units and other factors.