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This sequel 'Mathematics Tricks using the Vedic System' has more tricks that will prove useful for middle, high School(grades 10 & 11) and college students. Similar Free eBooks Vedic Mathematics Made Easy. Pages·· MB· 25, Downloads. Vedic Mathematics: An Introduction. "Vedic Mathematics" is the name given to the ancient system of they made it a general rule The. Introduction to E-BOOK of Vedic Maths on Fast 5 Calculation 1 Square of a number which ends with 5 6 2 Multiplication trick for Two 2-digit numbers 7 3.

Vedic Maths Tricks Ebook

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Well, Secrets of Mental Math (Vedic mathematics) can help you handle all kinds of numbers. this book will save your a lot of time, Vedic mathematics tricks are very simple to solve tedious calculations. am ebooks. Download Math Tricks eBook in Pdf Format जिसमें शामिल हैं numbers,; Vedic maths multiplication tricks, multiplication tricks for 3 digit numbers. Editorial Reviews. Review. 'For a 19 year old, Dhaval Bhatia, packs in quite a cerebral punch. Secret Of Mental Math Arithmetic: 70 Secrets To Super Speed Calculation & Amazing Math Tricks. Secret Of Mental Math Arithmetic: 70 Secrets To.

Techniques to remember English vocabulary. Techniques to excel in competitive exams.

Techniques to prevent memory loss. Techniques to be successful in interviews.

The Power of Vedic Maths (eBook)

Vedic techniques to enhance memory power. Scientific techniques to remember all subjects in academics. This Chakra is very powerful to enhance your Memory and Concentration Power. It also symbolizes the arrival of Goddess Laksmi.

Download Vedic Mathematics Book Free (Secrets of Mental Math)

You have to paste one poster at the place where you worship, one at your working place , one at the door from which you exit so that every time you move out, you will see it and one in the study room.

You have to concentrate on mid yellow dot without blinking your eyes.

This phenomena will enhance the communication between two parts of the brain Left hemisphere and Right Hemisphere. After this close your eyes and visualize shree chakra on your Agya chakra.

Paste this Shree Chakra Poster on the wall at your eye level at the distance of around 2 feet.

This Shree Chakra is the most powerful source of positive energy. Related Papers. By Jan Pa.

E-book of Vocabulary with Mnemonics. By Virender Kumar mehta. By praveen velugubantla. Download pdf.

Our mind operates very fast and has a variety of operational properties and we have tried our level best to make the reader to use his hidden potential.

This E-Book contains vedic memory methods to speed up maths calculation especially for aspirants of competitive exams. We have a very rich heritage of our ancient mathematicians who discovered numerous easy methods to do any degree of complex calculation. In this E- Book, the methods described are based upon Vedic Ganit which was rediscovered from ancient Sanskrit texts earlier this century by Bharti Krishan Tirthaji Maharaj.

This is the E- Book designed by Virender Mehta due to recieving numerous request mails to explain some short cut methods used in competitive mathematics, he is sharing this important E-Book with the readers.

101 Math Tricks Free e-Book PDF Download

The methods described in this E-Book are extremely beneficial for the aspirants of all competitive exams. He takes delight in working out huge problems mentally-sometimes even faster than electronic gadgets like calculators or computers. These methods are also useful for our daily life to calculate anything like numbers, calculations, bills, interest or any kind of transcation.

The reader for sure would enter into the world of enchantment for maths with our author Virender Mehta.

Example: 4 52 9 52 3 52 4x5 5x5 9x10 5x5 3x4 5x5 20 25 90 25 12 25 4 3 52 1 1 52 43x44 5x5 11x12 5x5 25 25 Exercise: Find out the square of following numbers 35 55 65 85 95 Written by: Virender Mehta World Record Holder in Memory visit www.

Now write down the result in the answer along with the multiplication of the same second digit of the numbers. Deposit Rs. Email I want Free eBooks Already a member?

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Book Description HTML Learn about amazing discoveries decoded from ancient Indian texts that revealed a whole new way of simplified mental math strategies. Reader Reviews.

Add a comment: You need to login to post a comment. You may also like Mar Evolution and the Bible Reads: Nov Enhanced Typesetting: Description Speed Mathematics using the Vedic system makes learning basic mathematics more rewarding. Simple Squares 8. Square of number close to 10 n having tens digit.

That comprehensive application of our request t o give his foreword.