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The end of the year is springing up quick. nowadays is that the day we’re cathartic the last update of Yoast SEO in 2017. It’s been a wild ride this year and we’re already engaged on huge plans for 2018. But first, Yoast SEO six.0. And yes, we’ve detected you loud and clear; we’ve extended the meta description length to 320 characters.

320 character meta descriptions square measure here

These past few weeks there has been plenty of cite Google’s call to alter the default meta description length to upto 320 characters. We’ve been testing however Google uses this, and we’ve been rebuke Google representatives to form certain that we’re providing you with the correct choices. With today’s unharness of Yoast SEO six.0 (including the TYPO3 version, Magento two can follow soon), we’ve modified the meta description length from 156 to 320 characters. It doesn’t typically happen that we’d like amendment|to vary|to alter} a feature in SEO following a change by Google.

Now, having double the characters doesn’t mean you ought to return to your web site and alter all the meta descriptions on all of your pages and posts. No, that might take ages if you have got several posts and just in case you’d – and you ought to – write all. Your rankings won’t drop if you retain your meta descriptions identical. It is, however, an honest chance to go back them to form certain your web site stands get into search results. whereas we’re still actively decisive new best practices, there’s no hurt in experimenting with this new meta description length.

Pick some of posts and pages initial. Check if Google picks up your freshly written meta descriptions. Do your own testing before you go dead and alter everything. These longer meta descriptions offer you enough space to indicate individuals what you’ve got, while not gifting away everything your article contains, of course. you continue to wish individuals to click your search result, if that’s your goal.

Keep in mind that, most of the time, Google can carry a custom meta description from your web site. there’s not a lot of you’ll do concerning it aside from writing killer key paragraphs concerning your focus keyword in your content and check out to urge Google to use one among those. As I said, we’re watching what this variation suggests that and can report back with additional solid information and recommendation in an exceedingly number of weeks.

Other enhancements

We’ve created many alternative enhancements in Yoast SEO six.0, together with some community contributions. for example, we’ve further support for custom page titles and meta descriptions on WooCommerce search pages as urged by Caleb Burks. Now, you’ll add custom data to your WooCommerce search.

Raaj Trambadia urged we must always add a link to the Google data Graph article on, so we did. Finally, the main focus keyword box up the Yoast SEO meta box options a link to a brand new article by Marieke. In it, she explains why it would be a foul plan to use identical focus keyword quite once.

The last unharness of the year

This makes Yoast SEO the ultimate unharness of 2017. What an excellent year it’s been. Next week, we’ll publish many posts during which we glance back upon the year. Of course, Yoast SEO gets its own post. make certain to browse it! Thanks for your support and that we hope to ascertain you once more in 2018. Happy holidays!

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