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High School D×D (ハイスクールD×D, Haisukūru Di Di) is a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero, published PDF ); Volume 4 - Vampire of the Suspended Classroom (Full Text - ePub - PDF). Download the Light Novel "High School DxD" by Ichiei Ishibumi in epub and pdf. Place the [News] tag in the title for posts regarding or relating to light novel news such as licenses and anime adaptation announcements.

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Apr 20, You can now Download High School DxD Light Novel volumes in .epub) Format ​. DOWNLOAD LINKS High School DxD BELOW. VOLUME 1. Volume 24 – Grim Reaper of the Off-Campus Learning [PDF] .. Zxzxzx can you tell me the info about this Shin Highschool DXD light novel like many people. Sep 24, Author Topic: [Light Novel][English] Highschool DXD (Read times) High School DxD - Volume 6 - Holy behind the Gymnasium.

Now he aims to become a Harem King by gaining a peerage, unaware of himself attracting girls around him. She comes from the old noble of pure Devils, the House of Gremory.

Her brother is, in fact, one of the Yondai-Maou, Lucifer, and both of them possess the Power of Destruction. She revives Issei as her servant after finding him dead, killed by a Fallen Angel and possessing a rare Sacred Gear. Kind and soft to her servants, becomes a totally different person when training or fighting.

Originally a sister who was known as a holy maiden for her healing powers. She was raised in an orphanage and was taken in by the Church after her powers were discovered. However, she was kicked out of the Church for healing a Devil, and was taken in by people affiliated with the Fallen Angels. She starts living with Issei after being saved from the Fallen Angels' grasp. As a person raised in the Church, she lacks common sense.

Called the ultimate "Queen" by other members. Born between a human mother and fallen angel father, after the death of her mother, she became Rias' servant. She is a friend close enough to call Rias by her name in private, yet calls her Buchou in presence of others and displays a master-servant relationship in public.

She persistently refuses to use her power of light, inherited from her father, but starts using it after being convinced by Issei. A second-year third-year from Volume 23 student at Kuoh Academy. Self proclaimed best friend of Issei, and the school prince. He was a victim of the Holy Sword Project, where he was the only survivor. He became Rias' servant when she saved him from death, but still swore to extract his revenge on those who treated him as a test subject and disposed his friends.

It feels like my body will freeze if I look directly in his eyes. Isnt this what you call a killing intent? You could definitely tell that he is looking at me as if I am his enemy.

No, this is something more dangerous. This is definitely a killing intent. The man walks closer, very slowly. But he is definitely walking towards me! So he is after me! A dangerous person!? Am I in trouble!? I must be in trouble because my body doesnt stop shaking! Why did I have to encounter some dangerous guy while on my way home!? To meet someone like you in a place like this.

What is he saying? No, no, it wont be weird if crazy people like him talk some nonsense. So he is a dangerous guy after all! Oh shit! What should I do if he takes out a knife!? I dont know any self defense martial arts, nor have I ever had a fight before! Oh I know! My body becomes insanely strong at night, so I could run for it! I walked backwards to create some distance between us. The mysterious guy started walking towards me with a normal pace. What, trying to run away? Who is your master?

It must be a person with a very low rank or with a weird hobby to choose this place as a territory. So, who is your Master? I dont even know what the heck you are saying! I turned around and sprinted to the place I came from at full speed.

It was insanely fast. It is weird for me to say it, but the speed of my run at night is insane.

I kept on running and went into unfamiliar streets. Im not tired or anything. I can keep on running. If thats the case, then Im going to run till there is some distance between us. After about 15 minutes, I came into an area with lots of space. Its a park. I stopped running, and walked instead. I went up to the water fountain as I was inhaling some air. I looked around the park under the light lamp. Something feels mysterious about this place. I know this place. Yes, this is the last place I visited on the date with Yuuma-chan!

Man, what a coincidence or should I say miracle? Did I come here unconsciously? That cant be I feel chills behind me. I have a feeling that something is behind me. I turned around slowly, and saw black feathers dropping in front of me. Is it a feather of a crow? No, this isnt. Did you think Ill let you escape?

Thats why a lowly being is a pain in the ass. The person who appeared in front of me is wearing a suit and he has black wings growing out of him. Its the suspicious guy from before. An angel No, no this isnt a fairy tale so that cant be!? Is it a cosplay? It looks too real for a cosplay. Are those real wings? Tell me the name of your master. Its a hindrance to get bothered by your kind. For that we will Wait are you an exiled one? If you have no master, then that would explain the worried expression on your face.

The suspicious guy is mumbling by himself. Dont make up stuff on your own! The situation is serious, but I suddenly remembered about the date incident I had in my dream. Exactly in front of this water fountain. Yes, by Yuuma-chan who had black wings.

And there is a guy with black wings in front of me. Is this the thing where a dream becomes a reality? Hey, hey why did a hot chick turn into a guy!? No, thats not important! Whats important is the situation Im currently in! If this is going according that dream, then the next thing which will happen to me is I dont feel any presence of your master nor your comrades.

I dont see anything which is trying to hide its presence either. And there's no magic teleportation either.

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According to the current situation, you are an exiled-one. So it wont be a problem if I kill you. The guy who just said some scary stuff raised his hands. No matter how you look at it, his hand is directed towards me! I can hear a noise. I know this phenomenon. It's a thing which looks like some kind of lights gathering in his hand. Hold on a sec, this fantasy stuff should just remain in the dream!

The lights then shapes into a thing which looks like a spear. A spear So it is a spear! I was pierced in my stomach by that thing in my dream, and I went through a terrible crisis! Im going to get killed! But I was already pierced through by that thing in my stomach by the time I was thinking about it. Then something was trying to come out from my mouth. Lots of blood came out of my mouth, followed by intense pain.

It hurts. It hurts so much! I fell down on my knees at that spot. I could feel my insides getting burned. That pain spread throughout my body, and it hurts so much that I cant stand it. I tried to pull out the spear with my hand, but the pain spread to my hand as I touched it.

Its hot, extremely hot. There are burn marks on the places which touched the spear. I started to whine, because it hurts. My hand is burned this badly, so this spear is probably burning my organs much more badly than my hands. Then I started to feel more pain.

So this is how it feels like to get your inside burnt, huh? Because of the intense pain Im feeling, tears started to flow out of my eyes. Step, step. Then there was a sound of footsteps coming towards me. I looked up, and the mysterious man made another spear and was holding it in his hand.

It must hurt. Lights are poisonous to beings like you. Getting hit by it will result in a fatal damage. I thought this spear would kill you, even though I weakened its power. Your body is tougher than I thought. Then I will hit you again with it. But this time I will put a bit more strength in it.

Now you are done for. Is he trying to finish me off!? I will get killed, if I get hit by that thing again! As I was thinking, I started to look back on the dream I had and remembered about that Crimson red color. A bright crimson red which was around me She wont come to help me.

That was a dream. But is this also a dream then? If its a dream then please help me. Even if its a dream, I do not want to be in this situation! I thought I heard the sound of wind, but instead there was an explosion in front of me. When I looked up, there was smoke from the palm of that mans hand. There was blood spilling out of his hand.

Dont you dare touch him. She has crimson red colored hair. I could tell who it was, even by her back view. The person I saw in my dream. I couldnt tell who it was in the dream because I couldnt see the face. But now Im certain, that she was the person from my dream. Crimson hair You must be a woman from the House of Gremory The man starts to stare at the woman with crimson hair with eyes full of hatred.

My name is Rias Gremory. How are you doing, Mr. Fallen Angel? If you are trying to hurt this boy, then I wont hold back. Rias Gremory. Yes, she is the senior student at my school and the beauty with crimson hair.

Well, well. So this boy belongs to you. So this town is also your territory, huh? Well then. For today I will apologize. But I recommend you to not let your servant loose. People like me might slay him while walking.

Thanks for the advice. This town is under my surveillance, so if you get in my way then I wont hold back. I would say the same to you, Heir of the Gremory House. My name is Donnasiege. I hope we wont meet again. The man started to spread his black wings, and his body started to float.

He then flew up into the sky. So its safe now I felt a bit relieved, but my eyes got blurry and it feels like my consciousness is disappearing. Isnt this bad? This is definitely bad.

Oh, are you about to faint? This is definitely a fatal wound. It cant be helped. Hey, where is your house? I was lying on the ground, and senpai was talking to me. But I couldnt hear what she was saying. Then my consciousness was cut. When I woke up, it was morning. What is this? Did I have a bad dream again?

That has to be a dream. But it looked too real. Now Im here, sleeping in my bed. I was woken up by the yandere voice recorded alarm clock, so it looks like I was dreaming after all.

This time it wasnt Yuumachan, but a weird guy who was chasing after me. But they both had black wings. Then I shook my head. Pull yourself together, me. Why do I keep on seeing these kinds of dreams? If I remember correctly I went to school as usual, the school was normal as usual.

After school I went to Matsudas house and had a porn marathon and watched porn with Matsuda and Motohama. Then on my way home, I was attacked by a weirdo with wings. Then I realized the unusual state I was in.

I was naked. I didnt have anything on me. What is going on! Im fully naked. I dont remember coming home. Am I losing my memory at this age? I also dont have a habit of sleeping naked either. I heard a sweet voice. I then started to look besides me carefully. There was a crimson haired girl sleeping besides me. And she was naked Her white skin which resembles snow was very bright. Her skin looks very smooth and it was very bad for my eyes. No matter how you look at her, its senpai, our academys Idol.

Her crimson hair which was spread over the pillow looks very beautiful. Rias Gremory senpai Huh, Huh? Calm down, me. Oh yeah, its good to count prime numbers to calm myself. I cant! I cant calm myself! Why am I sleeping with Rias-senpai!?

What happened!? No, what did I do!? Did I do something!? I dont remember! I dont remember one bit! I have to remember what I did! Why am I in this situation!? Did I have sex with senpai!? Do people lose their virginity like this!? Thats impossible! Remember, me! Try to remember valuable memories, me! What did I do!? What kind of stuff was I able to do!? My head was confused, but for a moment I was cornered even more. Its already time for school!

Honey, is Ise still in his room? Dear, his shoes are in the entrance so he came home. Staying at a friend's house very late! And on top of that he is late for school! That, I wont forgive! A conversation between my parents on the first floor, which could even be heard up here.

Then it was followed by footsteps coming up the stairs. The footsteps carry a sound of anger in it, and are rushing up here very noisily. Mums on her way! Hold on a sec! If she sees this situation, then it would be bad! Im already awake! I will get up now! I wont forgive you anymore! We need a small talk about this! Mums pissed! Shes coming! Shes coming to my room! I cant show her the situation I am in!

Is it morning? Senpai is whipping her eyes besides me! She woke! She woke up! My door opened violently, and senpai woke her upper body up at the same time. My eyes met with mums eye. She looks mad! She looks very pissed!

Good morning. Senpai greets my mother with a smile. Mums eye moved from me to senpai. Then mums facial expression froze.

She moved her eyes to me again. I avoided eye contact. After a moment, there was loud noise going down the stairs. De, de, de! What happened honey? You look like you just saw a ghost? Was Ise masturbating in the morning again? Se, se, se! Ise did! With a foreigner!!! Honey, what happened!? With a foreigner!! Ise did!!! Honey, calm down!! I could only cover my face with my hand. I could imagine whats going on downstairs. How could this be! Looks like there is going to be a family discussion after this What kind of excuse can I use to explain the current situation I am in?

Your family is quite lively in the morning Senpai got up from my bed and went to pick up her uniform from my desk.

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A naked senpai. Naked body of a beautiful girl. Ummm, I could see lots of things A small hip, white long legs, thigh, nice curved ass, and enormous breasts. I could even see the nipples clearly!

Why isnt she hiding it!? Why isnt she trying to hide it!? Im regretting the fact that I dont have that ability! But I know one thing. I have seen lots of womens naked body from magazine and videos, but senpais body looks more beautiful than all of those. How should I put it? A body with perfect shape and curves. It looks like one of those nude body paintings or statutes shown at the museum. I could only say that the beauty was still amazing after she strips her clothes. Se, senpai!

What is it? I could see your breasts and stuff! I said it while looking at the opposite direction. I wanted to see it, but thats that, and this is this. I have to endure it. If you want to see it, then go ahead. Senpai says that while putting her uniform on with a smirk. I never knew words like that existed!? A shock went through my body. Tears were coming out of my eyes. Phrases you never learn at school.

I was deeply moved by the beautiful phrase. Senpai asks me about my stomach. I started to touch my stomach while looking at her getting dressed.

You were stabbed yesterday. With that statement, I was completely awake. Thats right I was stabbed by a guy with wings at the park yesterday. I was stabbed by a spear made up of light particles thingy. But there arent any marks left on my stomach. I was sure there was a hole Its not a kind of wound that would heal in a day. There was so much blood coming out of it. That wasnt a dream? But it was a dream, right? By the way, the incident from yesterday wasnt a dream.

Senpai told me that, as if she read my mind. I was sure that I was wounded I healed it. It was critical but thanks to your tough body, it was heal-able with my power in a night. We were hugging while naked, and I shared some of my magic power to you because you were in a weak state. I was able to do it, because we are from the same clan. What is this person saying? Hugged each other while naked? Wait, does that mean! Its alright, because Im still a virgin.

She says it as if she read my mind again. Is that so. For some reason I was relieved. Or should I be relieved? Dont make such a weird face. This world is surrounded by many mysterious things that you dont know.

Senpai approached me while in her underwear. Her slim fingers started to pat my cheeks. My face started to get red. It cant be helped since a beauty like her is doing it.

I am Rias Gremory. And I am a devil. A joke? Is she for real? I am your master. Nice to meet you, Hyodou Issei-kun. Can I call you, Ise? Im not sure, but her smile looks real. Right now there is a beauty next to me eating at our homes dining table. These are very delicious, mother. Thank you Both my parents who were sitting across me had weird expressions on their faces. Grandpa, how am I able to fix this weird atmosphere. Its my first time eating breakfast in this weird atmosphere.

Im not sure what to do in this situation. Ise, its the meal that Oka-sama made. Eat it. Senpai says it with elegance. Shes acting like an older sister. Umm, okay. I replied quickly and started to throw the food into my mouth. Dont eat it like that. Eat slowly so you can taste the food. This is the precious food that Okasama made for us. Senpai wiped my mouth with her handkerchief. What kind of situation am I in? Umm, Ise Dad started to talk to me with a trembling voice.

You look quite nervous Dad. Dont worry, so am I. From where did this lady come from? After hearing that, senpai put her chopstick down and lowered her head. Oh my, I apologize for not introducing myself. I made a shame to the House of Gremory.

High School DxD

Please let me introduce myself. Oka-sama and Otou-sama, my name is Rias Gremory. I attend the same Academy as Issei-kun, pleased to make your acquaintance.

Senpai smiles and dad smiles back. Is that so Thats amazing. Are you from a foreign country? Your Japanese sounds natural. Yes, thats because I have been living in Japan for a long time due to my fathers work. But mum, who is sitting beside him doesnt.

Is Rias Yes Oka-sama. What kind of relationship do you have with Ise? Thats a good question which would answer the whole situation in the morning. Mum is curious for her answer, but senpai is still smiling. We are just senpai and kouhai who are quite close to each other, mother. Thats a lie! Mum rejects the answer immediately.

That excuse wont work, Senpai. That excuse wont work after she saw that situation! Be,be, be On the bed! Ise said he has nightmares, so I was just sleeping with him.

Just sleeping together!? Both of you were naked! Nowadays, people sleep naked when they sleep together. Thats a big lie. You are amazing, senpai. Is that so? So people sleep naked lately. Is that alright!?

You are okay with that!? Then I realize that mums eyes look weird. It looks hollow as if she was possessed.

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Then senpai whispers to my ears. Im sorry It looked like it would become troublesome, so I used my power. Then I remember what she said earlier. So does it mean that all those phenomena were the power of a devil? Senpai resumed eating her breakfast. When I looked at dad, his eyes were also hollow.

Did she use her power on him as well? What is going on Morning walk to school. Next to me is our schools idol, Gremory-senpai. And I am acting like her servant because I am carrying her bag. Why is someone like him Why is someone vulgar like him next to Rias Onee-sama I could hear screams of both boys and girls from every direction. There were some students who fainted because of the shock.

Is it that bad for me to walk besides Senpai! We walked through the school gate and split up at the entrance. I will send someone to you afterwards. Ill see you after school.

She says that while smiling. Send someone? What does she mean? Im not quite sure, but I walked towards the classroom. When I opened the door, everyone was staring at me. Well that would be normal, since I was with Rias-senpai. Someone hit my head from behind. When I turned around, it was Matsuda. Motohama was beside him as well. Give me an explanation! Matsuda shouted, and he was also crying. From his expression, I could guess what he wanted to say.

Until yesterday we were the Unpopular Alliance comrades! Ise, first of all tell us what happened after we went home yesterday.

Unlike Matsuda who was furious, Motohama was acting all calm while fixing his glasses, although his eyes were really sharp. Both of you are scary. But I laughed, and told them with a strong voice. Guys, have you ever seen real tits before? With that one sentence, both of them trembled with fear. After school. Hi, how are you doing? I was looking at the male student who came to see me with my eyes half closed. He captured the school girls heart with this smile of his.

He is in the same year as me, though from a different class. You could hear girls screaming with joy from classes and the corridor. Shut up. Its so damn noisy in here. So what business do you have here? I replied to him with a negative voice, but he didnt stop smiling. I came here by the order of Rias Gremory senpai.

I understood immediately why he was here with that one sentence. So he is the person who senpai told me that she would send. Okay, okay. So what do you want me to do?

Shin High School DxD Chapters

I want you to follow me. Then there were screams from the girls. No, No!! Hyoudou and Kiba-kun walking next to each other!

You will get infected, Kiba-kun! I wont agree with the Kiba-kun X Hyoudou couple! Maybe its Hyoudou X Kiba-kun couple!? The bitches are talking in some weird language. Man, seriously shut up! I told him that I would follow him.

To tell the truth, I hate good looking guys. I followed Kiba who was already walking ahead of me. He, Hey Ise! Matsuda shouts my name. Dont worry, friend. Im not going to have a fight. So you dont have to worry about me, pal. What are you going to do with this DVD Me, the molester, and the udon! I fled the scene quickly. I followed Kiba, and the place we went up to was the back of the school building.

There was a building which is called the old school building which is surrounded by trees. Apparently it was used a long time ago, and it looks so creepy that it is listed in one of the seven wonders of school.

The appearance of the building looks very old and is made from wood. There are no broken glass windows, though it is hard to tell by the appearance.

Its old but its not that bad. Buchou President is here. Thats what Kiba says. Is he talking about senpai? But Buchou? Was she in a particular club? Does it mean he is part of that club as well? Its getting even more mysterious. But as long as I follow him, I would be meeting with senpai again. We walked up to the 2nd floor of the building, and we went deep into the corridor.

Even the corridor looks clean. Even the rooms which arent used look clean. If you think about old buildings, it would be full of insects and spider webs. But there arent any, so they must be cleaning this building quite often.

While I was thinking about those kinds of things, it looks like we ended up at our destination. Kiba stopped his feet in front of a particular classroom. I was shocked by the sign on the door which read Occult Research Club.November 11, at 8: If anyone wants to make them, they can go ahead.

Eren says: NO because I know Zxzxzx is very Busy and does all this in his spare time and when he updates me he updates me. Volume 5. August 30, at 2: April 8, at 1: Previous volumes can be found on Baka-Tsuki. She is a friend close enough to call Rias by her name in private, yet calls her Buchou in presence of others and displays a master-servant relationship in public.

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