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Kodeks Pracy ( Consolidation in Polish), , LexisNexis, Warszawa Prawnych [Internet System of Legal Acts], Sejm RP, Poland PDF Act in Polish as . (1) The regulation of rights and duties in labour relations may depart (derogate) from this Labour. Code provided that such derogation is not expressly prohibited . For the purposes of the Labour Code, labour law includes the provisions of the Labour Code and the provisions of other laws and subordinate legislation setting .

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olhon.info,Nowy-Kodeks-pracy- rcl. olhon.info [Internet. Kodeks etyki socjologa wskazuje zagadnienia i zasady etyczne oraz ochrony interesów osób, które są włączone w ich pracę lub których. Warszawa Kopyra J., Ustawa o działalności pożytku publicznego i wolontariacie. Warszawa Kijowski A., Kodeks pracy, komentarz. Warszawa

The law helps the parents to share additional childcare between each other, especially in case of shared parental leave introducing. Briefly, the New Parental Bill prolonged the maternity coverage up to 26 weeks without additional maternity coverage: The kodeks pracy which was postulated by Presidential Chancellery about the ability to use one-year of parental leaves policy within the first 3 years after child-birth has been rejected.

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Ministry of Labour and Social Policy: No part of the The parent has the right for taking one month parental leave is assigned directly to one of the parental leave which cannot be used parent mother or father for another parent. If the parent will not use that one month, the time period of parental leave is shortened to 35 months. That one month is non-transferable between parents.

The parental leave which is longer than one The parental leave will have no influence on month causes the proportional reduction of the vacation leave policy period.

The period the urlop wypoczynkowy the holiday leave of limitation for vacation leave cannot start period time under parental leave coverage; and if started earlier kodeks pracy is blocked for a time of parental leave period coverage.

The parental leave cannot be the cause of reducing of the vacation holiday leave period.

The parental leave can be used in four time The parental leave can be used in 5 part time periods periods Parents or persons responsible for childcare Parents can jointly use the parental leave for can use jointly the parental leave period for the maximum of 4 months not as before 3 maximum 3 months period time months. Barczewska, Agata and Madejek, Kodeks pracy SMEs are predestined for such close relations to customers and communities.

ByCharles Emile had retired, handing over the reins of the company to his sons, who renamed it Hermes Freres.

Podwyżka, sprawdź kiedy należy się o nią ubiegać

They employed 80 craftsmen during this time, and also obtained exclusive rights to use the zipper in their leather goods and clothing. Throughout the 20s, Emile-Maurice remained as the sole head of the business. He had an eye toward the ever-changing future, and added an accessories line at this time. While nurturing his own sons into the family business, Hermes added a line of leather garments, the first being a zippered leather golfing jacket that was designed for the Prince of Wales.

FF - ProfilePath - c: Previous Article. Next Article. In the fourth and last stage of the development of mobbing the victim of bullying displays total inability to work and to function in society. Such behaviour may lead to termination of the employment contract.


Particularly critical cases may lead to suicide attempts9. In connection with the above, it is necessary to diagnose the causes of mobbing in work environment.

Research10shows that the causes of mobbing can be attributed to poor organization of work and incorrect division of responsibilities most often in hospitals and schools. Factors conducive to mobbing include lack of management skills of the executives and excessive concentration of power in the hands of one or just a few individuals, as well as lack of conflict solving skills and lack of common workplace decision-making procedures and disrupted flow of information In this case, mobbing may increase its intensity and be more difficult to control because the superior may become a party to the conflict and deny its existence.

In addition, relevant literature12indicates that the cause of mobbing can be attributed to insufficient space shared by employees lack of comfort, noise , monotonous work, overcomplicated bureaucratic procedures encumbering employees, poorly constructed system of employee evaluation, unclear procedures concerning promotion and access to trainings in order to improve professional qualifications13as well as poorly organized work process.

In view of what has been said so far it is also necessary to analyze the methods of preventing mobbing in the workplace. An obligation to counteract mobbing has been imposed in Polish legal system on the employer in Art.

However, 9 B. Hirigoyen, Molestowanie moralne. Komentarz, ed. Sobczyk, Warsaw According to Art. Mobbing affects safe and healthy working conditions. The obligation of the employer to counteract mobbing also stems from Art. Therefore, the obligation to counteract mobbing cannot be read only as refraining from harassing workers but obliges the employer to conduct such activities that eliminate the hostile behaviour between employees Furthermore, tolerating harassment by the employer can sometimes be considered as complicity with all the resulting consequences The employer is therefore obliged to take such actions that will lead to the cessation of mobbing, even if the only possible measure is the dismissal of an employee - the mobber - without notice, due to severe violations of essential employment duties.

Lack of mechanisms indicated by the legislator to both prevent mobbing and eliminate already existing instances of it poses considerable difficulty in the fulfilment of the obligation to counteract mobbing.

Experience and dissemination of good practices is of great importance in this regard. As a result, we can distinguish some most common effective anti- mobbing procedures.

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Observation of personal relationships, informal talks, reaction to misbehaviour of employees and third parties and proper selection of personnel can be mentioned as examples of preventive measures However, the most common mechanism is the introduction of anti-mobbing in-house policy. Such a document may take the form of company regulations, for instance. It should be made available to employees in the manner adopted by a given employer or even by submitting a copy of these regulations at the hands of each of the employees and the employee's declaration regarding anti-mobbing rules should be stored with personal files.

The document in question should contain a list of behaviours that are not allowed in the workplace and the procedure to be followed in the event of such situations with specific indication of sanctions. Walczak, Warsaw Sobczyk, D. Therefore, the penalties allowed include: admonition, reprimand and a fine, but only if it has been demonstrated that the employee failed to comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

On the one hand, the existence of anti-mobbing policies in the workplace is designed to make those employees, who want to apply mobbing practices, aware that such behaviour is not tolerated and in the event of detecting hostile behaviour towards co-workers, disciplinary measures will be taken.

On the other hand, it allowsemployers and managers to check quickly whether the actions taken against an employee are of mobbing nature. In addition, an employee who believes to be a victim of mobbing, can submit the behaviour of co-workers for verification. Implementation of anti-mobbing policy requires cooperation with employees.

Such a document may not be forced upon by the employer. If so, employees will not identify with it, and thus may have problems to acquaint themselves with the documentand successfully put it into use.

Furthermore, employers should examine the "zero" condition, i. After its adoption it is necessary to conduct monitoring of the implementation process and regular study of interpersonal relations in the workplace for possible evaluation. The best tool for this purpose are anonymous questionnaires.

However, we must remember that the employer cannot evade responsibility for mobbing in the workplace, even after introduction of anti-mobbing procedures or relevant provisions in work regulations The actions of the employer in this field are evaluated in terms of results, not diligent practices. A significant mechanism for implementing the employer's obligation to counteract mobbing is acclimatization of new employees.

Theyshould be familiar with the anti-mobbing policy and be sure that they can turn to the supervisor with any issue, and that their problems will not be ignored.

An important mechanism in the implementation of said obligation by the employer is staff evaluation. Allegations of mobbing on the part of the employer frequently come to light when conducting such evaluations.

At this point, it should be noted that the employer does not harass, make use of unequal treatment, discrimination or violate the dignity and personal D. Sobczyk, 17 Warsaw Furthermore, pursuant to Art.

However, in order to make the evaluation free of signs of mobbing, it cannot focus on the features and nature of an employee.

This assessment must be factual, because its aim is to verify the suitability of the employee to work and improve the quality of the work performed in the future.

Given the above, it should be noted that the employer is responsible for the occurrence of harassment in the workplace on the basis of risk rather than guilt. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether the blame can be attributed to the employee - the mobber, employed by given employer Moreover, it should be emphasised that no matter who commits mobbing against other employees, the responsibility for this act is borne by the employer.

Responsibility for mobbing in the workplace can take many forms. On the one hand, it is the public law liability in the form of fines from 1 to 30 PLN for failure to comply with occupational safety and health regulations Art. On the other hand, it is the private law liability towards the employee.

In the latter category the following claims due to the employee on account of mobbing should be distinguished: pecuniary compensation for harm suffered in situations where mobbing resulted in a health disorder Art.

In case of both compensation and damages, the burden of proof lies with the employee Art. The consequence of this is the obligation of the employee, which consists in demonstrating that he experienced mobbing.

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Therefore, he must prove the occurrence of any statutory prerequisites of mobbing within the meaning of Art. This means that behaviour against an employee must be both 18 cf. SC judgement of 29 January r. Prusinowski, Umowne podstawy zatrudnienia, Warsaw The purpose of such behaviour is to humiliate or ridicule an employee, isolate him from colleagues or eliminate from a team.EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

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Uredbe o izvajanju postopkov pri porabi sredstev evropske kohezijske politike v Republiki Sloveniji v programskem obdobju — Are you a union rep looking for help and advice to support your colleagues at work? He had an eye toward the ever-changing future, and added an accessories line at this time.

Praca w Wielkiej Brytanii: przewodnik po twoich prawach (Polish version)

The amount of the entitlement is therefore determined not only by the damage suffered as a direct result of termination of employment - which is primarily the sum of lost income, but also by other damage incurred by the employee - e.

The functioning of these five categories of mobbing also determines the existence of certain stages of the development of mobbing in the workplace. Nothing beats being a union member, but if you are looking for particular guidance on a workplace issue have a look at our workplace guidance.