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ADVANCED C1. Virginia Evans - Lynda Edwards. Upstream ADV. ANCED C1. Teacher's Book Virginia Evans - Lynda Edward s EXPRESS PUBLISHING. ADVANCED Virginia Evans - Lynda Edwards - Jenny Dooley Teacher's Book Express Publishing Teacher's Book Virginia Evans - Lynda Edwards - Jenny. Documents Similar To UpStream Advanced Teachers olhon.info Upstream Advanced C1 - Test Booklet. Uploaded by. Ioana Zaman. Upstream Advanced C1.

Upstream Advanced C1 Teachers Book Pdf

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Upstream Advanced C1 - Test Booklet. Uploaded by. Ioana Zaman. UpStream Advanced Teachers olhon.info Uploaded by. Căluian Rareş. NEW Upstream. Upstream Advanced C1 Teacher's Book book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. ELT: learning material & coursework. UpStream Advanced Teachers olhon.info Published on December | Categories: Documents | Downloads: | Comments: 0. views. Căluian Rareş.

B: A footballer has to think on his feet as well. And teachers. Students can ask them all sorts of difficult questions! Reading pp.

UpStream Advanced Teachers Book.pdf

Explain that in Part 1 of the Reading paper Ss will read choose to do. The B: I agree. If you haven't got determination, you won't get three texts will all be linked to one topic or theme but anywhere. Refer Ss to the first part of the Elicit paraphrases of the first quotation from the Ss and Strategy Point. Tell Ss that they will have to answer two build up the paraphrase on the board.

Allow Ss 2 to 3 multiple choice questions per text.

Note that in the minutes to write a paraphrase of the second one in pairs. Here the extracts have no titles so that Ss can infer for themselves what kind of publication each extract comes from. Allow Ss about 4 minutes to skim through the texts and do the task.

Unit 1 Answer Key a. Remind Ss of the importance of recording new Extract from a sports science article - Extract B vocabulary in context. Allow Ss to reread the texts to look at the items in context and match them to b.

Here the theme of the three texts is 'success' in a very the meanings. Elicit feedback, asking several Ss for wide sense. Write the word 'Success' on the board and answers. Elicit from Ss 1 h 3 i 5 a 7 c 9 b what they think the secrets of success might be in each 2 f 4 e 6 j 8 d 10 g of these professions.

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Write Ss' ideas on the board under the three headings. Now ask Ss to discuss in pairs how b. Ask Ss to look at the highlighted words and phrases in they think each extract relates to the theme 'success'. Direct them to the first one and ask for the meaning of the word.

Give Ss three or four minutes to Answer Key complete the task. Accept a variety of explanations as Extract A early success of a struggling writer long as they are reasonably accurate. Extract B recovery from cancer and subsequent world-wide Suggested Answer Key Extract C how to succeed in your studies praise - to say that you admire someone literary types - people types who seem to be involved in the 2 Strategy Point.

Go through the remainder of the points reading, writing or appreciation of literature with Ss and explain clearly what they have to do in this disciplined - behaving in a very strict and controlled way section of the exam.

Point out that it is not necessary to obsessive drive - an overpowering force which pushes you to understand every word to be able to answer the questions. Ask Ss to read the first text again areas of weakness - subjects or skills which you are not so carefully.

Then read through the first two questions based good at on the first extract together. Follow the points then allow Ss as regular as clockwork - extremely regular pro-active - able to continue the questions. As this is the first unit, Ss may to take the initiative or change events, rather than waiting for work in pairs and divide the questions between them.

Allow them to happen 5 to 10 minutes for Ss to find the answers and discuss them with their partner. Alternatively, the exercise could be 4 Again, ask Ss to look at the phrases in context.

Elicit completed at home. Answer Key Answer Key 1 B 2 D 38 4 A 5 A 6 B an inflation of self-esteem - an increase in her feelings of pride and self-worth Conduct feedback and ask Ss to underline the parts of the some have compared me to Virginia Woolf!

I'm in the reviews Remind Ss that they discussed the keys to success in the nor am I mentioned Lead-in on p. Ask Ss to write down a list of points and compare with their partner.

Allow 2 to 3 minutes 3 B Remarkably, Armstrong showed no ill effects Encourage Ss to link their points e. Finally, etc. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on.


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Actions Shares.The information, practice and advice contained in the course ensure that they are fully prepared for all parts of the test, with strategies and skills to maximize their score.

Publication date: Going Places. The first statement should be and success depends on the whole team playing together. Each unit contains full exam practice in one or two parts of the Reading and Use of English paper. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Virginia Evans, Janny Dooley I also think that success sometimes just without it there would be no stories or fantasy worlds.