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Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Issue olhon.infodxnfct. View. Profile Graffiti Magazine 1. View. Night Warriors Graffiti Magazine. View. Preview, Author: Rats&Thugs, Name: olhon.infone. With all the senseless graffiti books on the market, I wish someone would. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share.

Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Pdf

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olhon.info English | 72 Pages | RS Download olhon.info or. olhon.info — olhon.info olhon.info files/i3koaol3e olhon.info Ebook. Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Issue Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Issue English | 48 Pages | RS & HF | 24MB | PDF Download. Rapidshare or. Hotfile. | Category.

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Setting off on France and Holland, while the second focuses on this path without the books to be found in this the presence of graffiti on the European railway exhibition seems impossible. Public Domain. Modena Paulo signature. Toulouse: XGPress, Metropolitano. Viterbo: Nuovi Equilibri, Graffiti Diaspora. Backjumps Sketch 97 - Besser, Jens. Muralismo morte the 1 — Kohl, Herbert.

Berlin: Book. Writing The Memory of the City. Advanced Vandalism.

Le Livre du Graffiti. Helmond: Mainaschaff: Publikat, Calligraphy and Beyond.

Berlin: Pietro Rivasi, Modena characters. Street Art. International Topsprayer. Mainaschaff: 71 - Meulman, Niels Shoe.

Post Watching my name go by. Scrawl too: more dirt. Mainaschaff: 72 - Meulman, Niels Shoe. The Faith of Graffiti.

Heavy Metal. Bologna: Shoe. And steadiness is what most writers are missing these days. To set your heart on something, and that over a long period of time. I believe this is a good way to become better, at least with quality. A complaint you automatically hear as an old school writer goes like this: No evolvement within the last years. You should take something like that as a compliment.

It shows that you found your style and by that cannot to be mixed up with someone else in the big mess of all the writers we have nowadays.

Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Issue 09

It would have been sad if no one had noticed it. That would mean that we do not have a personal style and that we would be exchangeable. Names come and go. Who can say he has got the total knowledge of what is going on?

SMASH had put it to the point the other day: Everything that had happened before is somehow blurred and intangible. It just would not be authentic at all. All of these named writers including me have found their way and are times ahead from sayings and discussions like that. You should always keep your individuality and try to step out of the masses. It pisses me off to see the same piece over and over again.

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The most important thing seems to me that the piece is not too perfect. A real good piece always needs some ugly spots.

There is nothing more boring than these perfect concept walls. But I have the same opinion.

Viral Art, an ebook on street art, graffiti and the internet

Colours have also gained some more importance. Standard colour combinations bore me, even though there are some classical combinations which always.

I think you have to make up new stuff or somehow break old stuff. I very dislike ethno-look pieces in puke paint. We have a lot of possibilities. Sometimes the most unlikely combinations emerge.

It seem like style elements like these are very often used, somehow even celebrated. There is nothing new with making tags on stickers, writers always did that. Doing a poster or a stencil is not that innovative. In Nuremberg most of the street art stuff is very political, to put it in better words, they have a political message. Street art is connected to the real world and refers to real problems and is also bothered to get attention from the fashion trend scene.

It might be that it is because of the German language. Just to make the point clear, generally I think it is ok when someone steps out and does something. It just really fucks me up whenever some suburban-Che-Guevara-guy calls himself a writer and has not even the slightest clue of what it is about and scrawls some rebellion parole on a parcel sticker.Last year I went there again. Writing The Memory of the City.

Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Issue 09

Another huge chapter in writing history are magazines and the internet. It seem like style elements like these are very often used, somehow even celebrated. A cobbler should stick to his last. They are the continuation of the thought.