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General 1 of 5 olhon.info% 20Manuals/0 How to Use This Manual WARNING! Your common sense and. Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. - Tue, 02 Apr GMT E46 Bentley Service Manual - neu BMW 3 Series. E46 Bentley Service Manual - neu. 1. Documents are official BMW 3 series manuals in standard PDF format. (c) BMW AG. 2. Manuals marked as [universal] .

Bmw E46 320d Service Manual Pdf

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The most popular ebook you want to read is Bmw E46 d Service Manual In 1 Documents are official BMW 3 series manuals in standard PDF format c BMW. 3 Series E46 d (M47) SAL > BMW Workshop Manuals > 1 Service Information > 0 Repair Manual Bmw E46 olhon.info - Free download Ebook, Handbook. Right here, we have countless books bmw e46 d repair manual and collections to Documents are official BMW 3 series manuals in standard PDF format.

The system tyres , the yellow telltale light comes on. Then activate the system. Please check Initialising the system ment cluster tells you if the tyre the tyre pressures again and correct pressure departs from the cor- 1.

Turn the ignition key to position 2, them to the values specified in the tyre rect value. After this, reactivate the 2. Keep the button pressed until the system. After the car has been driven for sev- If a puncture or similar tyre failure eral minutes, the RDC system occurs, and pressure drops suddenly, accepts the current tyre pressures as the red warning light comes on. In addi- the nominal values which it is to tion a warning signal is heard. Immediately reduce speed and stop at Do not repeat this process until you the first safe opportunity.

Avoid pro- have corrected the tyre pressure. Oth- nounced braking and steering manoeu- erwise RDC remains automatically in vres while doing so. Change the defec- ignition key position 2 and therefore tive wheel with its tyre, see page Overview tyre failure and therefore has no RDC ried on the car. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls itored when the system is active.

BMW 3 Series (E46) Service Manual: 1999-2005

The RDC system is unable to reg- ister sudden tyre damage caused by external influences. Have your tyres changed by BMW Service. RDC can be subjected to interference by outside equipment or devices which use the same radio frequency. While the fault persists, the yellow. Data warning light is on. The sen- door, an audible warning is heard for a sors are unable to see fog, for example.

You can have the sensitivity of the When the ignition is turned off, the car's automatic headlight control sys- lights go out. The lights are on all round the You can have the daytime dipped car. You can use these lights as headlight setting selected on your position lights when the car is car. See page 88 for parking with the sidelights on one side of the car on. When the switch is in this posi- Low-beam headlights tion the low-beam headlights are If the low-beam headlights are switched on and off automati- switched on and the ignition is cally in accordance with changes in switched off, only the parking ambient light, for example in tunnels, at lights remain lit.

Delayed switch-off: Operate the headlight flasher after The car's exterior lights remain on parking the car and turning the lights if you switch on the fog lights off: You can have this switched on by the automatic headlight function deactivated if you prefer.

Instrument lighting Headlight beam angle adjustment Cars with xenon headlights are.

Overview equipped with automatic beam angle adjustment. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls To vary the lighting intensity, turn the Halogen headlights. When the car is carrying a load, reduce the headlight beam angle, otherwise oncoming traffic will be daz- zled. Rear fog light Right-hand or left-hand parking. Interior lighting Overview Minor repairs Maintenance Controls The interior lights are controlled auto- Reading lights, rear. Turn each light on and off at the adja- cent switch. Switching interior light on and off.

Briefly press the button to cancel this mode. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls 7 Heated rear window 92 8 Air-conditioning mode 92 9 Recirculated air mode You can select blower speeds When the heated rear window is If there are strong smells out- 1 to 4. The greater the incom- switched on, the telltale light side the car, you can temporar- ing flow of air, the more effec- comes on. The heated rear window is ily switch off the supply of outside air. The air inside the car is then recircu- be.

In position 0, the blower and the lated. The supply of If the outdoor temperature is air is shut off in position 0.

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The temperature of the air entering the car is Air is cooled and dried and maintained at a constant level. Air distribution Depending on weather conditions, the You can direct the flow of air windscreen may fog over momentarily toward the windows , when the engine is started. Switching toward the upper-body area on the air conditioning helps prevent and into the footwell.

Any intermediate setting is possible. In the position a small amount of air Moisture condensate forms when continues to reach the windows in the air conditioning is in operation; order to prevent them from fogging this condensation is discharged under- over. Traces of water on the ground are therefore normal.

Air conditioning The micro-filter in the ventilation system. Overview traps dust and pollen in the air entering the car. It is renewed when BMW Service carries out routine main- tenance work.

If the airflow is noticea- bly less than usual, this may indicate that the filter should be renewed earlier. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Draught-free ventilation Defrosting and demisting.

The air outlets for the upper body area windows. Turn the rotary blower switch to set- erences: Turn the temperature selector fully to ing the outlets through an infinitely the right, red variable range 3. Rotary switch for airflow direction in setting 2 Levers for adjusting the direction of 4. To defrost the rear window, the air flow switch on rear window heating.

Select the interior conditioning are switched off and the temperature which you find most Temperature air supply is closed. The system is agreeable. During the journey, the cho- This program removes ice and ever you unlock the car with your per- sen temperature is reached as quickly condensation quickly from the sonal remote-control key. Automatic air distribution and You can change the unit of measure Air-conditioning mode. This will shut down the when the engine is started.

Switching automatic air supply; the word AUTO on the air conditioning helps prevent Individual air distribution disappears from the display. The auto- the windows misting over. You can switch automatic air Moisture condensate forms when and override the AUTO program supply on again by pressing the AUTO the air conditioning is in operation; if you prefer; this has no effect button.

Air neath the car. Traces of water on the flows to the windows , to the upper- ground are therefore normal. AUC When the heated rear window is. Overview If there are strong smells or pol- switched on, the telltale light lutants outside the car, you can comes on. The heated rear window is temporarily switch off the supply of out- switched off automatically. The air inside the car is then recirculated. If the outdoor temperature is below approximately 46 ,.

Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Obtain the desired operating mode by the rear window heater switches on pressing the button as often as neces- automatically within 5 minutes of the sary. The air inside the car is erences: The 3 Use knurled wheel 3 to blend the air inside the car is recirculated. Data lating mode, switch it off and, if necessary, increase the airflow.

The micro-filter in the ventilation system traps dust and pollen in the air entering the car. The activated charcoal filter in addition removes gaseous pollutants from the air entering the car. This com- bined filter is renewed by BMW Service during routine maintenance work.

If the airflow is noticeably less than usual, this may indicate that the filter should be renewed earlier. From ignition key position 1 onward, press the button to operate. The picture shows the control layout on cars with a complete equipment speci- fication.

The layout can vary according to the items of equipment fitted to your car. If you only hand over the door key and ignition key, for example to. Overview hotel staff see page 30 , this will pre- vent unauthorised access to the glove box. This is inside the glove box, on the left. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls The light is protected against over- charging and can therefore remain in the socket when it is not in use.

To open harman kardon hi-fi system Always switch the light off before Pull the handle. The light inside the inserting it into the socket, other- Each time you press the button, the glove box comes on. To close When it is switched on, it suggests a lis- Swing the lid up. It should then be switched off. Data Lock with a master key. The glove box can only be unlocked with a master key. There is a storage compartment at the Centre armrest, front 1 Storage compartment: To open it, To open: Without through-loading system: The rear centre armrest has a storage compartment, a holder for two cans beverages and a holder for a litter bag.

With through-loading system: For your convenience, you have: For further information on the car phone, see the telephone operating instructions. See the separate operating instructions for information on how to use the mobile phone. Fully featured kit: BMW mobile To empty. Press button, see arrow. The shell is released and pivots upward On cars with non-smoker fittings, the 2. Plug the adapter into the mobile insert is removed in the same way.

Push the mobile phone into the shell Cigarette lighter. Push the shell down until it engages. There can be up to three buttons on the The cigarette lighter remains opera- left side of the shell. You can use these tional when the ignition key has been buttons to operate the phone without removed.

For this reason, do not leave removing it from the shell.

Press in the cigarette lighter 1. The cig- arette lighter can be removed when it pops back out. Overview uum cleaner or similar device, provided that it runs on 12V DC and its power consumption does not exceed watts.

Make sure that the socket is not damaged by attempting to insert plugs of the wrong pattern. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Non-smoker's equipment. On cars with non-smoker fittings, the socket is at the same point.

To empty To access the socket: Press the edge of the open roller shut- ter in the opening direction, see arrow. On cars with non-smoker fittings, the insert is removed in the same way.

To release, pull the appropriate lever, 2. When released, the rear seat back Centre 3-point seat belt, rear. You can roll up the 3-point seat belt for the rear seat before you fold back the When folding the seat back up through-loading system: See also under Loading, page Up to four pairs of standard skis or two snowboards can be carried safely and. Overview kept clean. With the ski bag extended, plus the available space in the luggage compart- ment, you can carry skis up to 2.

However, because of the narrowing of the ski bag, only two.

BMW 3 E46 Manual 1999-2004_Eng

Minor repairs Maintenance Controls pairs of skis longer than 2. Loading 5. Inside the luggage compartment, Cars without through-loading system: Swing out the centre armrest, detach magnetic retainers. Press the button accessible from inside the car, see arrow 1: Press the locking levers together see arrows 2 and swing the cover forwards. Data 4. Lay out the ski bag between the front seats. The zip fastener simplifies access to the contents of the bag, and makes drying it out easier.

Do not exceed the car's gross weight limit or the axle load limits see page as this could render the car unsafe as well as constitute a legal offence. Do not carry heavy or hard objects loose in the occupant area, in case they are thrown around and endanger the occupants when the car is braked Loading Securing the load heavily or during a sudden avoidance Cars with through-loading system: Secure the skis or any other manoeuvre.

Swing out the centre armrest, detach stored objects with the retaining the cover over the opening at the top strap on the ski bag.

Tighten the turn- it is secured by a burr fastener and buckle to ensure that the retaining strap place it on the armrest is taut. Press button 1 down and swing the cover forwards Make sure that the skis are clean 3.

Lay out the ski bag between the front before they are inserted into the seats. The zip fastener simplifies bag, and that any sharp edges on them access to the contents of the bag, or their bindings do not damage or and makes drying it out easier pierce the ski bag. Press catch button 2: To stow away the ski bag, follow the opposite procedure. Loading Data Please note the information supplied with load securing equipment. The relevant figures are shown in the "Technical data" sec- tion, page The roof load must be uniformly distrib- uted and should not be too large in area.

Heavy items of luggage should always be placed at the bottom. If it is struck by the luggage compartment lid Removing: Reach into the recess at the bottom of tion instructions supplied.

Secure loads to the roof rack so that the trailer tow hitch cover flap and pull it they cannot shift or fall off during the off to the rear and down, see arrow.

Mounting points journey, and thus endanger following traffic. For attaching and removing the bar, Access to the mounting points: Use the tool supplied with the roof rack Drive smoothly and avoid violent accel- eration, braking or cornering.

The roof Installing: Towing a trailer If a trailer tow hitch is retrofitted, it must Towing a trailer on the approach to the downslope, be of a type approved by BMW and be always shift down to the next-lower The permissible trailer load and nose.

Overview expertly installed by BMW Service. It is gear, if necessary as far as 1st gear, weights towbar downthrust are stated best to have uprated suspension fitted and drive down the hill slowly.

The as well. Maximum speed: Minor repairs Maintenance Controls See the manufacturer's instructions for Loading: Do not try to counter the self-regenerating action of the A low centre of trailer gravity makes the trailer's action by turning the steering rear bumper system may not be able to outfit much more stable and safe to wheel unless absolutely necessary, and take effect.

Nose weight weight or the specified trailer load limit Tyre pressures: The smaller value is the limit In Germany: Check the car's and the trailer's tyre 25 kg 55 lb is stipulated by law. For the trailer, Gradients: Permissible nose weight, see page The trailer's nose weight affects the holding up other traffic, do not attempt towing vehicle, and must not lead to the Outside mirrors: If car's gross weight limit or rear axle load an application is made to tow a heavier Legislation prescribes two outside mir- limit being exceeded if a trailer is being.

The car's payload limit is the trailer into your field of view. Suita- reduced by the weight of the trailer tow Downhill gradients: Keywords its nose weight.

The gross weight limit ents, because a trailer's tendency to for the combined car and trailer must fishtail, or swing from side to side, is not be exceeded.

When towing a caravan, avoid operating electrical equipment for excessive periods at a time; this will limit the drain on the car's battery. Before starting a journey, check that the trailer's rear lights are operating correctly. Even slight continuous pres- grip immediately, for production rea- mum operating life and economy. You should therefore drive in a overheating, brake pad wear or even restrained manner for the first km Engine and final drive brake system failure.

This sit- ing maximum values: Engage the clutch gently during this max. From a distance reading of km Rear-window shelf: Comply with these running-in instruc- Coat hooks: Do not hang heavy objects from the hooks, otherwise they could endan- ger the car's occupants in the event of sudden braking or avoidance action.

The principle While braking is in progress, do not Brake fluid level. Overview brake pedal. DBC is deactivated when when the brakes are applied, and thus brake pedal travel is longer than usual, you release the brake pedal. Visit your nearest BMW Service. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls wet roads etc. Modify your driving style easier to steer. If the car covers only short distances, The brake pedal pulsates and the noise stands out of use for lengthy periods of the hydraulic control system is audi- and is only used infrequently or gently, ble, warning the driver that the ABS is corrosion and dirt will affect the brake active.

When the brakes are applied, corroded When you apply the brakes rapidly this discs tend to judder, and even lengthy system automatically ensures maximum brake applications usually fail to elimi-. Data brake-servo boost, thus helping mini- nate this effect entirely. The advantages of ABS are also uti- lised.

When doing so, make sure that brake pads approved for your car no other road-user is endangered. The by the manufacturer. The manufacturer resulting heat dries the brake discs and cannot assess the suitability of unap- pads. Full braking power will subse- proved brake pads and therefore can- quently be available when needed. This avoids brake overload. Bear the engine- speed limits in mind: Tyre pressures Condition of tyres Information for your safety They become visible when the tread wears to 1.

Overview cating that the minimum tread depth tread tyres have been chosen to match allowed by law has been reached. If air pressure is lost from a The condition of the tyres and mainte- tyre, this seriously affects the car's han- nance of the correct tyre pressures not.

Minor repairs Maintenance Controls dling and braking, and could cause the only influence tyre life but are also deci- driver to lose control. Avoid overloading sive factors in ride quality and above all the car, as this could cause the tyres' in road safety.

They also have a consid- cause internal damage to them in the erable effect on the roadholding of your Inspect the tyres frequently for damage, short to medium term. Incor- minimum tread depth of only 1. The same applies to any rect tyre pressures can adversely affect approx. Below a tread depth other unusual road behaviour, such as the car's roadholding and cause tyre of 3 mm approx.

In damage, which could result in an acci- of aquaplaning at fairly high road such cases, reduce speed immediately. Data deep. Service or tyre dealer, or have the car A tyre's date of manufacture is shown towed there so that it can be checked as part of the inscription on the tyre or its wheels and tyres inspected. A safety tyre consists of the self-sup- Do not use retreaded tyres, as porting tyre and a special wheel rim.

They may differ in deflates it remains controllable and the internal construction or have aged suffi- car is conditionally drivable.

The car is ciently to cast doubt on their durabil- equipped with a tyre pressure monitor- ity. For further details on the tyre pressure monitoring system RDC, see page Wheel and tyre combinations Winter tyres Choosing the correct tyres Tyre storage The correct tyres. Use only wheels and tyres Store wheels and tyres in a cool, dry BMW recommends you to fit winter. Protect tyres against contamina- for driving in wintery conditions.

If than that of summer tyres with H, V, W,. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls BMW has not approved the wheels and Y or ZR speed codes, they do not nor- tyres it cannot assess their suitability or mally match the performance of winter provide any guarantee of road safety.

In the interests of reliable directional For each size of tyre BMW tests certain stability and steerability, fit winter tyres makes, and approves those that it certi- of the same make and tread pattern to fies as roadworthy. You can obtain all four road wheels. Always comply with Note the speed limit applicable to national regulations: In Germany: Data For this reason, only use tyres of the dealers and BMW Service points can same make and tread design and, for supply these labels.

Keywords approved combination of wheel and tyre fitted to the car again as soon as possible. When fitting, comply with the manufac- All work on tyres should therefore be turer's instructions.

Snow chains cannot be fitted to tyres of BMW Service will gladly place its spe- the following sizes: Keep to the specified tyre pressures and have the wheels and tyres rebal- anced each time the wheels are changed or new tyres fitted. Fine link BMW snow chains may be fit- ted to either summer or winter tyres, but only to both rear wheels.

Engine compartment lid Pull the lever at the left under the dash- Pull the release lever and open the lid. Allow the engine hood to drop from a board.

Do not work on the car unless you possess the appropriate special- To avoid injuries, check each time ised knowledge. If unfamiliar with the the engine compartment lid is regulations which have to be complied closed that the contact area is unob- with, have the work performed by BMW structed.

Service; incorrect handling of parts and If you notice during the journey that the materials could represent a safety risk engine compartment has not been for the car's occupants or other road properly closed, stop the car at the ear- users. Data rectly. Overview 3 Coolant level-equalizing tank 4 Reservoir for headlight cleaning sys- tem and windscreen washer 5 Engine oil filler cap 6 Jump-start connection point Do not fill beyond the upper mark on the dipstick.

Adding too much oil will harm the engine. Make sure the car is standing level Capacity approx.

Switch off the engine, which should pints. After about 5 minutes, pull out the with a suitable additive according to dipstick and wipe it clean with a lint- manufacturer's instructions. Carefully push the dipstick fully into It is best to mix the water and its tube, then pull it out again additive before filling the washer 5. The oil level must be between the fluid tank. Screenwash used in washer fluid Like fuel consumption, engine oil con- is flammable.

Keep it away from sumption depends on driving style and possible ignition sources and store it operating conditions. Comply with the instructions on the container. Engine oil In laboratory tests, prolonged Alternative oils. Overview cancer. For this reason, always wash to purchase one of these grades of oil, the affected skin areas thoroughly with you can top up the oil level in between soap and water after work.

One of the which is inaccessible to children and following categories must be printed on always read and comply with warnings the container of the oil you use:. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls on the containers.

BMW Longlife long life of your car's engine. The same of the oils specifically approved by applies to the manual transmission, BMW for your car's engine.

Data power steering. BMW Service is familiar with these products. Antifreezes and corrosion inhibitors are hazardous to health. Store it in sealed original packs, inaccessible to children. Checking coolant level Long-life antifreeze and corrosion inhib- itor contains ethylene glycol, which is Correct coolant level with engine cold, inflammable. For this reason, do not approx. Turn the cap of the expansion tank inhibitor on hot parts of the engine; they slightly counter-clockwise until it could ignite and cause burns.

Top up the coolant if necessary. Brake fluid Brake fluid is hygroscopic, that is to say it absorbs moisture gradu-. Overview ally from the air. To ensure that the car's brake system remains in good working order, have the brake fluid renewed every two years by BMW Service; see also page 72 and the Service Booklet. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Brake fluid is hazardous to health, and also attacks the car's paintwork.

Do not spill brake fluid; add it only up to Telltale light the MAX mark on the reservoir. If it The brake warning light comes comes into contact with hot parts of the on even though the handbrake engine, brake fluid may ignite and has been released: When disposing of old brake fluid, comply with the relevant environ- Topping up brake fluid mental protection laws. Data mended by the manufacturer. Loss of brake fluid may be evident as increased brake pedal travel.

Keywords with the instructions on page These entries are actual use of the car consist of the Oil evidence that your car has been Service and Inspections I and II. For further information on maintenance points and the scope of maintenance Service interval indicator work, please refer to the car's Service Whereas conventional systems call for Booklet.

Rule of the road OBD socket When entering another country involves a switch to driving on the other side of. Overview the road, adopt the following measures to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic with the headlights. Follow the instructions supplied with the tape. Cars with xenon headlights The socket for On-Board Diagnosis is 1.

Turn the ignition key to position 0 on the driver's side, at the left under the 2. Press the retainer and remove the fascia, and concealed by a cover. The caps at the rear of each headlight, cover is marked OBD. Left headlight: When you return to the country of regis- tration or enter a country in which vehi- cles are driven on the same side of the road as in the country of registration: Controls, displays and other equipment items inside your car have light-emitting diodes LEDs behind a cover as their light source.

These LEDs are similar to conventional lasers and are classified by law as "Class 1 light-emitting diodes". Do not remove the cover or expose the eyes directly to the unfiltered light source for several hours at a time, as this could cause irritation to the iris.

Appropriate care and attention should therefore be taken when handling these components. If you are unfamiliar with such tasks, it is better to entrust them to BMW Service. Do not touch the glass of a new bulb with the fingers, because even slight amounts of dirt or grease will then be burned into the bulb and reduce its working life. Use a clean tis- sue, cloth or similar, or hold the bulb by The toolkit is located in the luggage 1. Switch off the ignition its base.

Lift the wiper arm completely clear Unscrew the wing bolt to remove. Turn the wiper blade sideways and A spare bulb box is available from BMW pull the safety retaining spring, see Service. Fold the wiper blade back in and dis- Before any work is done on the engage it by moving it towards the electrical system, switch off the windscreen affected consumer equipment or dis- 5. Pull the wiper blade off upwards, connect the negative terminal from the past the wiper arm battery, to prevent any risk of short-cir- 6.

Insert the new wiper blade and press cuits occurring. Lights and bulbs See the brochure entitled Car care for information on care of the. Overview headlights. The operating life of these light units is extremely long and the likelihood of fail- ure very low, provided that they are not. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls switched on and off a very great number of times. If a xenon headlight should nonetheless fail, switch on the fog lights and continue the journey with Low-beam and high-beam great care, provided that local legisla- Side and parking lights.

Left side of the engine compartment: In view of the high voltages that 1 Low-beam headlight are present, all work on any part of 1. Turn the bulb holder to the left and 2 High-beam headlight the xenon lighting system including take it off bulb changing should only be per- 2.

Pull out the bulb and change it. H7 bulb, 55 watts formed by skilled personnel, as other- The H7 bulb is pressurised, so wise there is a risk of possibly fatal wear goggles and gloves. There is injury.

BMW 3 Series (E46) Service Manual: 1999-2005

Data 1. Press the two catches at the front, turn the unit counterclockwise and remove the bulb holder 2. Front turn indicator 5. Insert a screwdriver through the 1. Press the light forward, see arrow, 6. Push the light back in and press it opening at the top and slacken the with the fingertip at its rear edge and carefully into position screw until the light can be pulled take it out 7.

Tighten the securing screw. Press the bulb in slightly, turn to the 2.

Pull off the plug left and remove. Image not found or type unknown. Bmw d Part Manual bmw d se manual diesel ventur motors centre rh venturmotors com bmw e91 d service manual bmw d e90 service manual pdf. Manual bmw d e46 pdf by i - issuu. Tiene 4.

Consultas a manualestaller gmail. Bmw d Part Manual bmw d 6 speed manual k miles full service history mot rh 7eagles co uk bmw e46 d repair manual bmw d service manual pdf. Manual bmw e46 d by rblx - issuu. Service Manual bmw d manual pdf download for free - DocShare.

See Brakes. Compare to specification below. Unbolt caliper from steering arm to properly inspect: Brake pad thickness A Brake rotors Condition of caliper seal B Condition of caliper slider bolts C Note: Brake caliper removal and installation procedures are given in Brakes.

Brake pad lining minimum thickness Front or rear pad Dimension A 3. Check that brake hoses are correctly routed to avoid chafing or kinking.

Inspect unions and brake calipers for signs of fluid leaks. Inspect rigid lines for corrosion, dents, or other damage. Inspect flexible hoses for cracking. Replace faulty hoses or lines, see Brakes. Incorrect installation or overtightening hoses, lines, and unions may cause chafing or leakage.

This can lead to partial or complete brake system failure. Parking brake, checking The parking brake system is independent of the main braking system and may require periodic adjustment depending on use. Adjust the parking brake if the brake lever can be pulled up more than 8 clicks. Check that the cable moves freely.

1 Series E81

A description of the parking brake and parking brake adjustment can be found in Brakes. Note: The parking brake may lose some of its effectiveness if it is not used frequently. This is due to corrosion build-up on the parking brake drum. Drive the car approximately meters 1, ft. To recheck the adjustment of the parking brake see Brakes.

Clutch fluid, checking The hydraulic clutch and the brake system share the same reservoir and the same brake fluid. Clutch fluid level and brake fluid level are checked at the same time. Note: See Brakes for more information. See Clutch for information on the clutch and the hydraulic clutch operating system.Note: Design characteristics of the convertible body cause vibrations in the trunk area.

The caps at the rear of each headlight, cover is marked OBD. See also the instructions for adjusting the seats on page Supplementary information is to be found in other docu- ments. Press the bulb in slightly, turn it to occurs. See also under Loading, page The two centre sensors have a obstacle remains constant during this ate reliably. If you wish to return to fully auto- Engage this gear only when the car is matic gear shifts, move the lever back standing still.

Keep the luggage compartment lid closed at all times when the car is.