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Free Download or read online all Adventure of Tintin comics in different language . The comic left unfinished at the time of Hergé's death in March Hello, I am sorry for the people who faced trouble while downloading this collection. I did check and verify the files. I will be uploading a few. TINTIN IN AMERICA · TINTIN AND THE BLUE LOTUS · TINTIN AND THE CIGARS OF THE PHAROH · BACK TO MAIN PAGE · GO TO INDEX PAGE.

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Download Tintin adventures in PDF (English). Tintin in the Land of the Soviets. ( MB) Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharaoh. ( MB). See more. Tintin Batman Comic Art, Batman Comics, Anime Comics, Album Tintin, Comics Story . Hindi comic. Ebooks, Magazines, Novels, Free Pdf download. Tempat Download Komik Gratisan Online Sepuasnya Bebas Donlot Komik PDF. Tintin in America (). Download komik tintin bahasa indonesia disini.

In keeping with his humanist philosophy, Herge rightly draws the Yeti as a figure of pathos : a lonely being unable to truly help his ward.

The artist experiments further with his surrealist dream sequences, and manages finally to produce emotion from a character who has been an audience cipher for nineteen albums now.

On top of this, distanced from the wide cast of characters who have populated the last half-dozen albums, Herge creates something decidedly different. I'll concede it is not my favourite - possibly it is number 5 or 6 in my estimation. After all, the first quarter is the inevitable build-up, and in terms of plot, Herge is reduced to recycling through two or three different beats.

To his credit, they seem realistic every time. But as an emotional exercise, and as a work of art, this is surely a contender for Tintin's most human adventure.

Tintin eBook

And any story that can end with Haddock being given the nickname "Rumbling Thunderblessings" must be given some credit! I gladly did so because I so enjoyed the eclectic variety of information that I received each month. I remember my excitement when I saw the advertisement for Tintin in Tibet and I learned a bit about the yeti.

I absolutely knew that I needed to read this adventure! But I had also received a renewal form, warning that my subscription was going to lapse before this new adventure got underway. Tears were cried. Temper was displayed. Blue blistering barnacles! But I put my money elsewhere. I was able to enjoy years more entertainment without straining my budget, a bonus.

Looking back at Tintin now, I can see where it stoked my desire to travel. I have to wonder now that the alcoholic, profane Captain Haddock was considered appropriate for children, although I think he was an excellent negative example! I found him amusing back then and still do, truth be told.

I love his oaths, his loyalty to Tintin, and his weakness for liquor.

To view it, click here. Arguably the best Tintin book, Herge reportedly wrote it when he was going through a deep, personal crisis with his wife.

This time, the story does not involve an intricate and complex conspiracy, but a personal struggle, as Tintin and Captain Haddock go on an odyssey to Tibet to save a friend who was in a plane crash in the Himalayas. The book has great artwork and plot: the Himalayas are almost realistically drawn, as well as the buildings, statues and monks of Tibet.

Herge is also said to have Arguably the best Tintin book, Herge reportedly wrote it when he was going through a deep, personal crisis with his wife. Herge is also said to have identified with the Yeti, the creature in the story.

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Herge succeeds in showing that the Yeti is not the Abominable Snowman that it is called, but one of almost human-like characters, one who is compassionate and more humane than some humans. Moving, personal, Herge at his best. A great read.

This album sees Tintin and Captain Haddock travel to the remote country of Tibet in search of a friend of Tintin's who was on a plane that had crashed in the Himalayas. Now, I found it a little interesting that the plane Chang caught when he was travelling to Europe from China seemed t Adventure on the Roof of the World 26 February A lot of people seem to like this one but I felt that it was a little lacking compared to Herge's previous two albums: The Calculus Affair and the Red Sea Sharks.

Now, I found it a little interesting that the plane Chang caught when he was travelling to Europe from China seemed to double back to Tibet, but then I suspect that Tibet would be further to the north than to the east of some parts of India. The year is so by this time China had come under Communist rule but so far they had not invaded Tibet, so Tibet was still an autonomous country.

I have noticed in particular in this one that Herge seems to concentrate a lot more on the artwork, and also has Tintin travel around New Dehli visiting the sites before setting off to Nepal on the trek to Tibet. What sort of put me off this story were a couple of things: the first being the telepathic messages that Tintin receives from Chang that causes him to travel halfway around the world and then to travel even further across dangerous terrain to attempt a rescue.

In the end it turns out that Tintin is right, and all of the people who were trying to persuade him were wrong, but even then there are a few more 'mystical' pushes from the monks in Tibet, as well as a few other clues, that lead him to conclude his mission.

In any case, Tintin is an adventurer and will never turn down a dangerous adventure, particularly when a good friend is involved. Captain Haddock is quite the opposite though. He is not an adventurer, but he drags himself along to protect Tintin. However in many cases he turns out to be the one requiring assistance.

I notice that a lot of the jokes regarding tobacco and alcohol have been dumped from the TV series, which was a little disappointing. The Thompson Twins don't appear in this one, and Calculus only makes a brief appearance.

I have noticed that in these later albums the Thompson Twins are suddenly relegated to minor characters, in a similar way to Jolyon Wagg, who will make the occasional cameo appearance. Herge seems to have moved away from some of the styles in the older albums, particularly since the Thompson Twins were major characters in the early ones. However, I suspect it is because Herge may have been running out of jokes for these characters and decided to shift them away from the centre of the action rather than have the audience become tired and annoyed with them.

However, the role that the Thompsons used to play is now being taken over by Captain Haddock. Don't forget to pose with a Tibetanchorten, Tibetan prayer flags, Boudhanath stupa with the eye! The only thing he knows is that he has the number XIII tattooed on his neck. Assassins, secret agents, and mystery, this comic will keep you on your toes. Boule et Bill source: lenvoleeculturelle Plot: Centered on a typical family: a man and his wife, their young son Boule, Bill the cocker spaniel , and even Caroline the turtle; the comic places comical adventures in a realistic setting of a normal family with normal lives.

His companions are Jolly Jumper, the brightest horse in the world, and Rantanplan, the stupidest dog in the world. The fact that Lucky Luke has encounters with historical fictional character like Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, and many infamous gangsters is exciting!

The little blue creatures wear Phrygian caps , which came to represent freedom during the modern era. This comic consists of simple tales of bold adventure, guaranteed to entertain readers.

Spirou et Fantasio source: bd-sanctuary Plot: Spirou and Fantasio are two adventurous journalists who go on fantastic adventures around the world accompanied by Spip, their pet squirrel, fighting mad scientists, evil dictators, but also doing their fair share of actual reporting too! Titeuf source: planet-series Plot: Titeuf, a prankster with weird hair and an egg-shaped head, is fascinated but bewildered by the world of teenagers, which he knows he will enter soon.


While he spends a lot of his time doing childish and mischievous things, his main characteristic is that he is curious. The world puzzles him, and while he tries to understand, he understands nothing.

Why read it: Titeuf lives a life that is instantly familiar to millions of adults as they were growing up. This is an awesome comic to get you to relate to the protagonist of the story and bring back childhood memories. Le Marsupilami source: comicvine Plot: First appearing in Spirou et Fantasio, Marsupilami eventually got its own spin-off series.

The comic is set in the Palombia jungle and follows the lives of marsupilamis- which are yellow creatures with black spots and enormously long tails- in their natural habitat. Similar to Tintin and Spirou, its stories are filled with action and adventure. Readers love this comic because in contrast to Tintin and Spirou, the yellow, black-spotted creature is more imaginative, making it more amusing.

Babar Difficulty: Beginner source: imgkid Plot: Babar is a civilized elephant with human qualities. A kind old lady takes him in, clothes him, and hires him a tutor.

After learning the human way of life, he returns to the jungle to teach his fellow elephants how to be civilized. Babar is an excellent bedtime book for young children. Becassine Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate source: lafermedubuisson Plot: Becassine, the first female protagonist in the history of comics, is a young provincial housemaid from the French province of Bretagne. She wears traditional clothing and is clumsy, yet has a heart of gold. The story covers her daily life as a housemaid and nanny, as well as a number of adventures as she travels the world.Maksud sebagian orang tersebut, berarti mereka menca Dans quelques secondes vous allez recevoir un email de confirmation.

Captain Haddock is quite the opposite though.

A kind old lady takes him in, clothes him, and hires him a tutor. Xkcd source: josephhannon Plot: A comical webcomic that deals with sarcasm, math, language, and romance. Jan Mintaraga's most popular book is Indra Bayu.

Tintin and the Shooting Star. She hasn't appeared in any of Jacobs books, but features several times in subsequent works by other authors.