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Raman Comics in Hindi Magazine - Buy, Subscribe, Download and Read Old memories Diamond Comics, Indian Comics, Comic Books, Pdf, Comics, Comic. Raman aur Video Cassette (Diamond Comics) #vintage #comics Billu hindi comics free pdf download Comics Pdf, Hindi Comics, Comic Books, Comics. Shrimatiji Aur ATM by olhon.info - Free download as PDF File Raman Das Ka Not Mahabali Shaka Aur Jannat Mahal 3D [Hindi Comics] by.

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Fun Tales of Tenali Raman

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Raman Stories

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For the USP of representing a section of society, Pran published over comic books; over 30 newspapers and periodicals still carry his comic strips; And, he is considered the father of Indian comics. Revisiting the old days, dna takes you on a trip down the memory lane when you could find yourself in the episodes created by the legend. Shrimatiji The oldest character created by Pran Kumar Sharma in , Shrimatiji is a middle class woman in thirties, who has a husband and two children.

Like his other comic characters, this one targets the Indian women, who want to attend Kitty parties and beauty parlours. Shrimatiji alias Sheila is always taking a jibe at her husband, Kishore and believes in enjoying life as it comes her way.

Billoo Billo is sketched a lanky lad, whose face is always covered by fringes falling over his forehead, always covering his eyes. Chanda, a housewife, hosts her body for Shakti. Whenever there is a cry for help from women in any part of the world, Chanda turns into Shakti and saves them. Read and order the books from here. The stories focused on Bankelal knowing a secret or something which he could use to kill the King and usurp the throne, but eventually all the trickery of Bankelal would fail and the king would earn a lot of praise rather than come to any harm.

Buy the series here. Narrated in a third person mode, the magazine started the unique trend of telling a story, bound by a common thread of moral values. The first edition of Chandamama was released in July, Interested in rural development and social issues, she dreams of actually bringing a change in society and writing a book of her own one day.

When she is not preaching others about a better India she is busy watching movies and playing video games. Follow her on twitter: shreya08 Promotion.Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Loan Duration The old woman is innocent and she was punished for no mistake of her by this judge.

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This characteristic of films makes it more entertaining and engaging for students in comparison to the printed text and we decided to exploit this feature.