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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer- artist Steve Ditko. He first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing. The Amazing Spider-Man is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics, featuring the fictional superhero Spider-Man as its main protagonist. See Also See: The Spider-Man Comic Books Category for a complete list., See: Spider-Man for all the variations of the subject on the site., See: Spider-Man for.

Spiderman Comic Book

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The classic adventures of Spider-Man from the early days up until the 90's! Meet all of Spidey's deadly enemies, from the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus to. Adopting the name Spider-Man, Peter hoped to start a career using his new abilities. Taught that with great Marvel's Greatest Creators: Spider-Man - Kraven's Last Hunt #1 · DeMatteis, Zeck Free Comic Book Day (Spider-Man). 1 Issue. olhon.info is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men The Amazing Spider-Man #

Editor Robert Greenberger wrote in his introduction to the story that "These first five pages are a modern-day equivalent to Shakespeare as Parker's soliloquy sets the stage for his next action.

And with dramatic pacing and storytelling, Ditko delivers one of the great sequences in all comics. Cover art by co-creator Steve Ditko.

Spider Man Comic

Although credited only as artist for most of his run, Ditko would eventually plot the stories as well as draw them, leaving Lee to script the dialogue. A rift between Ditko and Lee developed, and the two men were not on speaking terms long before Ditko completed his last issue, The Amazing Spider-Man 38 July The exact reasons for the Ditko-Lee split have never been fully explained.

Romita's Spider-Man — more polished and heroic-looking than Ditko's — became the model for two decades. The most important supporting character to be introduced during the Romita era was Mary Jane Watson , who made her first full appearance in 42, Nov. Peter David wrote in that Romita "made the definitive statement of his arrival by pulling Mary Jane out from behind the oversized potted plant [that blocked the readers' view of her face in issue 25] and placing her on panel in what would instantly become an iconic moment.

The stories became more topical, [38] addressing issues such as civil rights , racism , prisoners' rights , the Vietnam War , and political elections.

Issue 50 June introduced the highly enduring criminal mastermind the Kingpin , [39] [40] who would become a major force as well in the superhero series Daredevil. Other notable first appearances in the Lee-Romita era include the Rhino in 41 Oct. One such story took place in the controversial issues May—July Writer-editor Lee defied the Comics Code Authority with this story, in which Parker's friend Harry Osborn, was hospitalized after over-dosing on pills.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963 - 1998)

Lee wrote this story upon a request from the U. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare for a story about the dangers of drugs.

Citing its dictum against depicting drug use, even in an anti-drug context, the CCA refused to put its seal on these issues. With the approval of Marvel publisher Martin Goodman , Lee had the comics published without the seal.

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The comics sold well and Marvel won praise for its socially conscious efforts. The second installment was the first Amazing Spider-Man story not written by co-creator Lee, [56] with Roy Thomas taking over writing the book for several months before Lee returned to write Feb.

Romita penciled Conway's first half-dozen issues, which introduced the gangster Hammerhead in Oct. Kane then succeeded Romita as penciler, [53] although Romita would continue inking Kane for a time.

Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane produced the title's th issue Nov. Jonah Jameson was introduced to his eventual second wife, Marla Madison; and Aunt May suffered a heart attack. Wein's last story on Amazing was a five-issue arc in Jan. Marv Wolfman , Marvel's editor-in-chief from to , succeeded Wein as writer, and in his first issue, July , had Parker propose marriage to Watson who refused, in the following issue.

Cover art by Ron Frenz and Klaus Janson. The Amazing Spider-Man Jan. The Annual featured a team-up with Doctor Strange [70] while the Annual showcased a meeting with the Punisher.

One lasting change was the reintroduction of Mary Jane Watson as a more serious, mature woman who becomes Peter's confidante after she reveals that she knows his secret identity. DeFalco helped establish Parker and Watson's mature relationship, laying the foundation for the characters' wedding in Notably, in Oct.

Other notable issues of the DeFalco-Frenz era include May , with the first appearance of Spider-Man's black costume, which the hero would wear almost exclusively for the next four years' worth of comics; the debut of criminal mastermind the Rose , in June ; the revelation in Nov.

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David Michelinie took over as writer in the next issue, for a story arc in July-Sept. The " Kraven's Last Hunt " storyline by writer J. McFarlane revolutionized Spider-Man's look. His depiction — large-eyed, with wiry, contorted limbs, and messy, knotted, convoluted webbing — influenced the way virtually all subsequent artists would draw the character.

McFarlane's other significant contribution to the Spider-Man canon was the design for what would become one of Spider-Man's most wildly popular antagonists, the supervillain Venom.

The latter issue featured Spider-Man reverting to his original red-and-blue costume.

Other notable issues of the Michelinie-McFarlane era include Feb. McFarlane left the title in to write and draw a new series titled simply Spider-Man. His successor, Erik Larsen , penciled the book from early to mid After issue , Larsen was succeeded by Mark Bagley , who had won the Marvel Tryout Contest [80] and was assigned a number of low-profile penciling jobs followed by a run on New Warriors in Bagley penciled the flagship Spider-Man title from to The series' 30th-anniversary issue, Aug.

It would be close to two years before they were revealed to be impostors, who are killed in April , scripter Michelinie's last issue. His — stint gave him the second-longest run as writer on the title, behind Stan Lee. Abrams said. Abrams is adding another credit to his storied career. Clearly, it is time to write a comic book.

Spider Man Comic

And that is what Abrams — and his son Henry, who is 20 — are doing for Marvel Entertainment. They are introducing a new villain, Cadaverous, who will cause problems for Spider-Man, his alter-ego, Peter Parker, and his beloved Mary Jane Watson, in a five-part series arriving in September. They were coy about sharing many plot details. But, J. How did the two of you writing this comic come about? Nick Lowe, the editor of this comic, reached out about 10 years ago. More recently we began to develop an idea: a new and different and exciting take on Spider-Man.

Nick had been pressing me to do a book with him. A year or so ago, I started talking about it with Henry and it sort of happened organically. And that has been the joy of this.

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Were you both comic book fans growing up? I did have a Marvel compendium when I was 6 or 7 that I adored and I would always land on this page of Spider-Man, not knowing anything about the character or the back story or the powers, but connecting with the visual designs of Steve Ditko. And at that point, I realized that this is a character that I see myself in and that was probably the first time I ever felt that way with any fictional character.Piece torn from first page affecting art and story.

Spider-Verse Vol 2 - 5 issues. Major spine split taped.

Venom vs. This knowledge was erased from the world with the event of the four-part, crossover story arc, " One More Day ", written partially by J. They just knew they had an interesting character to add to Spider-Man's growing gallery of villains.