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FEATURED THIS ISSUE. GAINES' WORLD. As Chip and Joanna Gaines step away from HGTV's Fixer Upper, the couple prepare for their next. SUCCESS ACHIEVERS OF THE YEAR. These 6 individuals took large strides in By Jamie Friedlander and Jesus Jimenez. SUCCESS magazine has been the leading voice in the field of personal development since its founding in. Today, SUCCESS is more than a magazine;.

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SUCCESS MAGAZINE. Contents of the July Issue. Cover Design by H. G. Williamson. Luther Burbank, the High Priest of Horticulture. George Archibald Clark. SUCCESS Magazine - Now available on your mobile device, SUCCESS magazine, the entrepreneur and intrapreneur guide for achievement. Every issue of. Read/download the latest edition of Social Media Success Magazine. Click here to read online Click here to download as PDF. Social Media Success.

How can you possibly stay motivated. Dear Friend, Have you ever wondered why out of lakhs of students preparing for an exam for several years, only a few thousand manage to get the covete. Dear Friend, Everyone has his or her own set of heroes, depending upon his or her own area of work.

Some revere sportspersons, others have high regard. Dear Friend, Talent is overrated. Dear Friend, The life of an aspirant is quite tough. Dear Friend, Whether the task is great or small, if you once begin it, never leave till it is done. What is more important, either you do it well or j. Dear Friend, With an overhaul in economic policies, introduction of GST and with a new approach towards Digital India, the country today offers far gr. Shawn is a state trooper and they have 4 beautiful children.

The idea of residual income was exciting and that parttime they could build a business that would pay their family for eternity. To say the least, it has changed their lives. From a health standpoint they have had amazing success. Their entire family loves the products and most importantly the results.

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Financially they have been blessed with the lucrative compensation plan P. In October of , they began praying about several new business opportunities but never had complete peace.

From that moment on, Trace and Andrea caught the vision and recognized that this was the path where God was leading.

He was on the verge of bankruptcy in a downturn economy and started cleaning houses to pay the bills. His prayers were answered when a trusted friend introduced him to P. What he saw made sense. To think he had to clean houses for six months to earn what P. We both have more time at home now, spend more time with our family, and continue to grow our business with our wonderful teams and business partners. And to think, this all started with one simple decision to say, YES!

Jim and Melanie love the idea of creating leveraged income through helping people start their own business. They began to cleanse, balance, and build and within a week noticed a huge difference in the way they felt! They hit the position of Blue Diamond in 90 days. He felt like an old man. His son had always suffered from asthma and allergies, taking daily medications.

Since P.

Tommy has reversed the clock of time through the power of super nutrition and a healthy lifestyle; an answer to his prayers. That has brought Billy and Rudilee to three different results.

This company enabled them quit their corporate jobs and work this full-time. Jeff used to rely on over-the-counter medications for his arthritis. Not anymore. As a mortgage lender for over 20 years Michael was making great money but more success equaled less time for them as a family. Now, more success equals more freedom! The products have been lifechanging for them as well as thousands of people on their team. Their two youngest have no idea what day care is.

It's the same opportunity for everyone.

SUCCESS Magazine: February 2018 Issue

Lifetime Earnings: Their family, including their children and parents, no longer depend on previous medications.

They choose instead to be P.

Financially, they took their part-time income and applied it towards their debt. Because of P. They now have more time freedom to do what they really love and feel called by their Creator to do: The residual income is amazing and setting them up for a continued steady retirement income. James has lost 40 lbs and maintained it, we feel alive, and are medication and pain-free! They were new parents with an infant and a toddler. Rachel was working 12 hours a day seeing patients as a Physician Assistant.

When they evaluated P.

They now make more than double what Rachel used to make working 12 hours a day as a PA. Javier and Rachel are passionate about teaching people how to build a full time income by sharing P.

November 2017

Leonel is a corporate pilot and had a wakeup call on his health after turning forty. The medication prescribed to him had too many side effects. They realized that they were paying to be sick instead of paying to be well. They started sharing the opportunity, within two years, they achieved the Blue Diamond level.

Stan was a cancer survivor of 12 years.

The cancer treatments had left him with no immune system and chronic fatigue. He had been in a near fatal horse accident the year before that broke numerous bones on the right side of his body. Needless to say, he was sick, tired and hurting all over. Within weeks of starting on the products his symptoms began to fade.

It is now four years later and his energy levels are through the roof and he is pain free. They are farmers and had a small trucking business and a very successful grain drying business. March 13, , will be forever remembered in their lives. They achieved the rank of Blue Diamonds. Ronda lost 20 pounds and has been able to maintain it for over three years.

Her "old-age" stiffness is gone. They have seen their high cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugars return to the middle of the normal range. Rex lost 10 lbs and kept it off. They feel younger and more alive!

With this gift of hope and health comes the responsibility of sharing with others the proven system in place: Blessed and grateful does not begin to describe how Denny and Cindy Bonewitz feel about being introduced to P.

Bucky and Rochelle were introduced to P. As a game ranger, the subtle yet crucial aspects of the job can only be learnt from a mentor.

Besides the technical skills gained through mentorship it also provides an invaluable opportunity for relationship building. As a private researcher, my interviews with employees from a variety of companies seem to reveal a lack of mentorship training in South Africa which, with its political history, is puzzling to me. In doing training at various game lodges around the country I have discovered that some of the most disgruntled employees, and teams, work in environments which lack training, development and mentoring.

It was not luck that saved us that day. Renias had taken animal behaviour seriously in his work. He had watched many hunting videos and studied the reactions of the hunters. He had been mentored by his brother, Elmon Mhlongo, from a young age. Years before, Renias had requested to do the full ranger training course in order to learn more about other aspects of guiding.

Master Tiger Schulmann Featured in June 2012 MA Success Magazine

He was persistent in his quest for knowledge and today he has become a highly professional and competent tracker.

I have no doubt that by the time Renias retires he will have become one of the greatest trackers in the country. Competence and Trust These two elements continue to raise their heads in my interviews with employees. From a technical standpoint, competence goes a long way to creating trust in the integrity of an individual in the workplace. I felt a sense of honour to be part of such a professional partnership.

It challenged me. In one single incident Renias had set the standard of professionalism required in our team. He did not need to lecture or dictate.

He created an enlightened incentive. A deficiency in skills due to inferior training and the lack of quality mentoring leads to mistrust and breakdown of relationships.They shared this incredible opportunity with others and have been able to have the time freedom to be the parents they always wanted to be and to devote their time and resources to their outdoors ministry for children with special needs. He created an enlightened incentive.

Her "old-age" stiffness is gone. Dear Friend, Have you ever wondered why out of lakhs of students preparing for an exam for several years, only a few thousand manage to get the covete. But nothing had prepared me for that leopard charge. Toll-Free Order Entry: Since P.