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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Surah taken its name from the word at-tariq in its first verse. This Surah has 17 verses and resides between pages to in the Quran. Surah At-Tariq. In (the) name. (of) Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. By the sky and the night comer,. 1. And what can make you know what the night. >. JUZ No. 30 Surah No. 86 " At-Tariq " Ayat No. to >.

Surah Tariq Pdf

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26 أيلول (سبتمبر) Quran with Tajwid Surah 86 ﴾القرآن سورۃ الطارق﴿ At-Tariq PDF LIST OF SURAHS ▻ olhon.info+CallertoislamTk-site/posts/. اردو ترجمہ و تفسير (الطارق) ٨٦ سورۃ القرآن [PDF] Quran Surah ﴾الفلق﴿ Al- Falaq (अल-फलक) Hindi Translation (हिंदी अनुवाद) |. Quran Surah Tariq, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Arabic English, HTMl, PDF, Free Download.

This is what Tariq literally refers to. Has anyone given you a clue as to what al tariq is? He asks questions when the answer - usually - cant be known to human beings by themselves. Has anyone made known to you? What will tell you? In this surah, the question is also posed to tell us that we dont know much about the Tariq i. Allah's Universe - on Youtube. Watch and refer to it.

This is only 1st samaa', and there are 7 smaawaat. Showing how limited we really are so we shouldnt be arrogant of what little knowledge we have been given. Verse 3: What is Najm ul Thaqib?

Surah 86 At-Tariq Farsi (سوره الطارق فارسى)

Imagine the night a black blanket, with a hole in. If you cover your face with the blanket, and a window is in the room with daylight.

The light will pierce through the hole and the light becomes strongly apparent and pierces through the blanket. Light pierces through the sky from stars and travels through vast distances to reach your eyes.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir (English)

Seeing Allah's signs through Different Perspectives: Allah mentions Tariq in this surah, so they see the star from a new perspective. They were guided in travelling by mapping their journey through locations of big bright, piercing stars Qawaqib.

Maybe they will be guided by reflecting on a surah of the Tariq? Allah uses psychology by making people reflect on what they already see of the world but from a different or deeper perspective.

Ie camels, mountains,stars are also mentioned by Allah repeatedly so that when we see them, we remember the Jawab al Qasam response to the oath.

Alayha hafiz - angels guarding [our deeds] against you and writing all you do. Like the piercing star is staring at you in the dark night, and it will unveil the secrets of darkness in the night so the angels unveil the deeds of people on judgment day.

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Jamee' : altogether in groups. So Kulu is more relevant and powerful in its effect. Alayha - this word is in middle of the verse [taqdeem] - specifically for us.

Usually Alayha is at the end of a sentence I. It further emphasises that every nafs is responsible only for its own self and what it hides for itself. Tariq Fal yanzurul insanu min ma khuliq. So if you realise the above there are piercing stars and angels as witnesses and guardians over you - recording your every action and your skeptical about this, then; Nazara past tense.

Yanzur present - to stare at something and think about it. Look carefully. Shu'ara Irony: "let insan look into what he was created from.

Insan comes from a root of the word "Nasiya" to be forgetful. It is a serious word.

It is not in vain. Sometimes they mock you. Sometimes they lay siege on you, economically. Sometimes they torture the believers.

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Sometimes they call you a soothsayer, mad, etc. Sometimes they believe Islam in the morning, but they disbelieve in the evening on the same day to attract some believers to follow them. Sometimes they tell you that only the poor and miserable people believe you and follow you, then leave them until they the unbelievers come to you. Sometimes they ask you to accept some of their gods, at least, until they follow you. And, sometimes they plan a scheme to banish you or kill you.

But they should know that Allah will not allow them to do so, and He has taken a decision to spread the light of Islam over the world and then the light of Allah cannot be extinguished with a blow from their mouths.

This bright ever-shining light will not be put out by the plots of these unregenerate men who plan; but Allah, too, plans.

Thus did We plan for Yusef Joseph. Some commentators believe that 'granting a delay to the unbelievers 'which ends with their painful punishment, is its meaning.

Surah Tariq, Chapter 86

Some others think that ' the punishment itself ' carries the meaning. It is more suitable to say that it means the same beneficence that the Prophet S and the believers got from Allah.

They, after respiting the enemies, caused them to be neglectful and rendered their efforts ineffective, then, their plans remained fruitless. In these verses the Prophet S is deliberately ordered to act toward them moderately and give respite to them and not hurry to destroy them; to let them have the final notes, to wait for a few of them who have a little readiness to come to Islam.

It says the same matter twice for emphasis, but in a different way and with various words so as not to be taken unpleasantly. Thus, in this short verse three times Allah orders His Prophet to act with them moderately, and this is a good example for all Muslims to be patient and careful in their affairs especially when they are faced with their powerful and dangerous enemies. They should avoid haste and doing things undesigned or at an inappropriate time. Moreover, it is better for the Prophet S to be patient in delivering the Message of Allah in order to respite all those who may believe, and to complete the argument and reason for all of them.

The reason why this respite has been counted short, may be because Islam overcame its enemies in a short time and their plans did not profit them. The first failure was at the battle of Badr.Yanzur present - to stare at something and think about it. Imagine the night a black blanket, with a hole in. This is alerting man to the weakness of his origin from which he was created. For Him, there are angels in succession, before and behind him.

Therefore when We are reciting it, listen to its recital carefully. Like this document? Tafsir Ibn Kathir English. Qatadah also said the same.